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General FAQs

Yes, with 80% or higher overall mark.

Yes, the course is designed in a manner that is easy to understand. The intention is that everyone will be successful. Help is always available.

Yes, some facilities recognized the importance of the course and are making OHHA courses mandatory.

Course FAQs


Quizzes are only knowledge checks and do not have any weighting on your final mark. If you want to redo quizzes, for Knowledge check, you can. Assignments however represent 50% of your final grade and are tallied after writing the course exam at the end. There are five assignments per Module, each worth 20 points.

Yes, you must ensure your browser and internet stay open and available while taking a quiz or exam. If you lose internet or close your browser, you’ll have to start the quiz or exam again. Module quizzes are only 10 questions, allow yourself 15 minutes to complete each quiz. The final exam is 50 questions, so allow yourself at least 60 minutes to complete it.


When you start an assignment questions, you’ll be presented with a text box. You must answer the assignment through this text box for the system to acknowledge your response. If you are un able to use the text box provided, please write “Sent to Mentor” in the text box, submit and email the assignment to your assigned mentor for grading. This way they can still record your mark in the system and you’re able to advance through the course for the time being.


Yes, you can advance through the course even if your assignments haven’t been graded. There are 3 stops built into the course that allow for mentors to confirm your understanding but are only placed after module 4, 8 and 12.


No, so we suggest you review your Module quizzes.

Once you have logged in, click in the “My Account” link on the site menu to view your profile page. Here you’ll see courses you are enrolled in and be able to expand the section to show your results and certificate. When your Mentor has marked your assignments, you will receive an e-mail from the system with a link, providing your marks and any comments they provided. You must be logged in to open the link.


Closed course menu on the “My Account” page.

Open course menu on the “My Account” page.

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